Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Bash!

This weekend we celebrated my nephew Tristen's 2nd birthday.  It amazes me that he is already two!  We went to Dave & Buster's to celebrate in their party room.  I made a Cars cake.
He always goes for the frosting :)

My realtor also had a birthday.  She was turning 40 this week.  I had some leftover cake and decided to make her some cake pops :)

Happy Birthday Tiffany!!  Hope you had a great Birthday.

Hope you all have a great weekend! 

Thanks for looking

Monday, March 19, 2012

St Patrick's Day

Happy St. Patty's day everyone!

I came across these hats online one day and thought they were super cute!  You can follow the original post at 

They are super easy to make.  I have seen some where the whole hat is black or green.  Those color variations look just as great. 

You only need a few items: chocolate, green candy melts, green sprinkles, fudge stripe cookies and some marshmallows.  I find generic marshmallows don't have the best form. 

I first dipped the marshmallows in the chocolate and let them harden on skewers in the fridge

I also dipped the cookie to give it a uniform color

Then, dip the bottom in the green and roll in your sprinkles.  Set on the cookie to dry, and voila!

Pretty fun and simple. 

Hope you all had a great and safe St. Patrick's Day!

Thanks for looking :)

Monday, March 5, 2012

Tuscany travels :)

My mom turned 50 this weekend.  She said she wanted to go to Italy/Tuscany.  She never made it there, so we brought Tuscany to her :)
We rented a banquet room at the local hotel.  My sister Leah was in charge of the decorating.  She always does an amazing job!
She made a timeline on the sunflowers.  The bigger ones are what happened in the world.  The smaller ones are about my mom's life; when she was born, married and had all of us kids.  What a great idea it was!  So fun to look back at all the things that has happened.

I made sunflower cupcakes for the event.

I bought a stand for a wedding that I will be doing in May.  I wanted to try it out and see how well it would work.  I love my new stand :)

Overall, it was a great day!  My uncle Tom was able to fly in from Pennsylvania.  We had great food and even greater guests :)  I wish my mom a wonderful 50th Birthday!!  Thanks for being such a wonderful and caring mom throughout the years :)  I love you.

Thanks everyone and have a great week!