Sunday, June 26, 2011

B & B

I made the baby shower cake. It was a marble cake with buttercream frosting.  The accents are all made from fondant.  These are the colors of the nursery.

I prepped everything for making the cake pops.  Paul and I even found a design to make for them.  I never made them :(  I started to and then lost interest.  I have a 30th birthday cake coming up for a friend of Paul's.  And I will be making him a beer bottle cake.  So I made the sugar bottles today instead :)  Paul helped with the pouring process.  It is so much easier with 2 people doing it.  I made a total of three bottles.  I made the mold last fall out of rubber latex.  I can keep reusing the mold.  It took about 4 days and 15 coats of the latex, but the mold works great.  The bottles are corn syrup and granulated sugar heated up and then poured into the mold.  Since I do not have a dishwasher I had to boil the measuring cup to get the hardened sugar off the cup.  It is a process but they look real. Plus you can smash them just like glass.  Here is a finished bottle.  I cooked it a little longer to give it the dark beer effect.

The plastic and saran wrap is there so there won't be any fingerprints.  The bottle is a little sticky and will pick up prints very easy.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and have a great holiday weekend coming up :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

I'm Back :)

Well, I am back!  I got burnt out this spring with all the cakes I was doing.  I took a much needed month off from baking.  I have a cake due this weekend.  I needed to go to the cake store for a couple items for it.  I walked to the back of the store and inhaled.  That works every time!  The smell of all the candy melts and chocolates back there is so comforting.  It pulled me back in.  I have some leftover cake and am looking forward to making some cake pops for fun this weekend.  It has been a while for that. 

I do have a few cakes coming up in the next few weeks.  My best friend is getting married in 2 weeks and I am honored to make her cake.  I also have a cake due for my great grandma in 3 weeks.  It will be a busy July for me.  I will keep you all posted.

I just got my nephew Jake's first birthday photos and have to share them with you.  It turned out that he really liked the cake and you can see it in the photos.  He is so darn cute :)
How adorable!  I will show you the cake that I am doing when it is all done.  It is for a girl baby shower.  And, hopefully I will have cake pops also to show off :) 
Until then have a wonderful day!