Sunday, July 29, 2012

Cookies :)

Hello All!

Sorry, it has been a long time.  We had computer problems for a while. 

My friend, Katie and I made cookies this weekend.  I have dabbled in Royal Icing a little bit before.  Just enough to know the basics.  So, we made some cookies :)  We first made the sugar cookies.  Katie picked up some fun cutters, so we made a variety.  Once the cookies were cooling, we started on the icing.  It came out very thick at first.

We thinned it out and started decorating.  The thing about this icing is you need time.  You have to let one color set before you can move on to another or they will run together.
Our first ones were cupcakes.

We also made some cute high heel shoes

Who doesn't love margaritas

Sandals are always a summer hit

Lastly were sunglasses.

It took all night, but I had a blast decorating with my friend.

We are in the process of buying our first home (YEAH!).  All my baking supplies have been packed away.  I will try to post some past goodies that were missed in the midst of computer problems. 
Till then, have a great week!