Sunday, August 28, 2011

A month of cakes

I haven't been on in a while, sorry :)  I made this cake a few weeks ago.  It was for a couple girls at my work.  Their girlfriend's birthday was coming up and they wanted a funny cake.  I made them a Poise pads cake.  It was pretty funny.  I told them I don't want them to buy me a cake for my birthday :)

I also forgot to post the next cake.  Paul's cousin Tyra turned 17 the end of July.  She LOVES Hello Kitty.  I hear her room is covered in it.  So I made a cake for her.  Simple, but she loved it.

My girlfriend Tessa wanted me to make her a big cupcake cake for her 30th birthday this year.  That was the same weekend as the wedding cake I just did, so I had to tell her no.  We just saw her Tuesday and were seeing her again Friday.  I told her I was baking this weekend and she said she wanted 1 cupcake as a joke.  I surprised her with 1 cupcake :)  I have never done just one before.  It was a little weird to put a whole muffin pan in the oven with one cupcake and the rest water.  She was very surprised and loved it!  I got the idea from  I love her blog and all her ideas!  That is where the grilling cupcakes came from as well.

Lastly, my nephew was baptised today.  Brayden Anthony.  I made a yellow cake with buttercream frosting.  The cross is made from white chocolate melted.  The accents are fondant.  I had a whole other idea in mind and then after the cake was frosted I changed everything.  I think it turned out alright for totally off the top of my head at last minute. 

I believe that is it for now.  I have another wedding cake due in two weeks.  I am about to start buying everything for it.  It will be a simple cake, but like all wedding cakes will take more time and care to put into it.  I will post the progress and end result for you all. 

In the mean time, I hope you all have a great holiday weekend and will leave you with a pic of Brayden after the baptism.